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Dealyards Propels Real Estate into the Future: A Revolution in Transparency, Personalization, and Technology Redefines Investment Opportunities.

About Dealyards

Embark on a seamless real estate journey with Dealyards – More than an agency, we are your ultimate investment companion. Our commitment extends from effortless investment discovery and ROI tracking to post-sale support. Dealyards is revolutionising the real estate industry with a transparent, personalised, and technologically advanced platform. Discover off-market gems, enjoy customised services, and leverage cutting-edge AI analytics for informed decisions. Let us guide you to one exciting adventure, making every investment with Dealyards your perfect one.

Our distinctive method for
delivering desired ROI (Return On Investment)

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City-Centric Investment Research

Conducting comprehensive city-focused research to identify potential investments in alignment with GDP growth.


Predictive ROI Asset Identification

Employing predictive ROI forecasting to pinpoint the optimal assets for investment.


Advanced Predictive Pricing Analytics

Utilising advanced analytics to present historical and predictive pricing for both the short and long term.


Developer Due Diligence for Risk Mitigation

Conducting thorough due diligence on developers to ensure risk mitigation and assurance.


Strategic Focus on ROI with Exit Options:

Emphasising a strategic focus on maximising Return on Investment while providing viable exit options.

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Confidential Deal Execution

Ensuring confidential execution of deals for enhanced privacy and security.


Comprehensive Post-Deal Customer Support

Providing comprehensive customer support post-deal, extending until the exit phase.

What set us apart

Dealyards ROI-driven strategy combines city analysis, predictive forecasting, and diligent support, making every investment a pathway to success.

Crafted property searches precisely tailored to client aspirations and backed by insightful data.

Leveraging a worldwide footprint to drive efficiency and maximise investment returns.

Employing cutting edge Artificial Intelligence for dynamic, real-time analytics.

Seamlessly supporting documentation needs and masterfully managing investment portfolios.

Strategically pinpointing high yield opportunities to elevate Return on Investment.

Providing reselling options that amplify overall investment value.

Delivering personalised excellence through dedicated relationship management services.

Establishing transparent collaboration with key industry figures, builders, and developers.

Implementing proactive strategies to expertly mitigate risk and fortify investments.

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Meet the Founders

CA Jatin Kapoor

CA Jatin Kapoor

Co-Founder & CEO

Jatin is a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of experience has served as a consultant at Ernst & Young, Ex Investment banker at Credit Suisse, and a core team member of Airtel Africa Operations for 5 years. Founding and scaling start up with growth gears, process re-engineering, data analytics, business development skill across both B2B and B2C models. Real Estate Enthusiast, investor, and mentor with various startups.

Divya Jain

Co-Founder & CBO

Divya is a software engineer and an accomplished entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience and history of founding and scaling successful ventures, demonstrating strategic acumen and market insight.Visionary leader specialising in business development, fostering key partnerships, and driving revenue growth through innovative strategies.

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Here you can find the perfect real estate investment companion. Discover lucrative opportunities, connect with experienced investors, and embark on a journey to financial success in the world of real estate. Join our platform today and unlock the potential for prosperous partnerships in the realm of property investment.

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